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Annual General Meeting of the Association des Familles Messier


On August 17, 2014, in St. Pie, near St. Hyacinthe, we held our Annual General Meeting. Our vice president, Camille Messier, organized the day, starting with a brunch at 11 am. After the meeting, at 15 pm, a corn-husking party followed outside under a bright sun and mild temperature. More than 70 people responded to the invitation.

At the meeting, Richard Leonardo made ​​a report on his first year as President which coincided with the 25th anniversary of our Association. You can read his report on page 3 of La Moisson des Messier, vol 24 no 2.

The general assembly has ratified two amendments to our bylaws to reduce the number of directors to 10 instead of 15 and the minimum number of directors to 3 instead of 5.

During the annual meeting, we proceeded to the election of directors for the 2014-2015 year. There were three whose term ended : Richard Leonardo, Camille and Paul-Albert Messier.  The members present elected the following members for a term of 2 years: Richard Leonardo (283), Camille (77), David (347) Jean-Claude (4) and Jean-Marie Messier (22). They will join Carole (357), Real (85) and Rejean Messier (12), whose mandate is to finish next year.

After the election, the directors met to appoint the executive of the Association. Under the heading "Board of Directors" of the module "The Association", you can make oneself acquainted with the distribution of positions.

The members present showed their appreciation of what has been done in 2013-2014 by ratifying the actions of the directors.

Here are a few pictures of this activity ...


Richard Leonardo, Ronald Messier, Benjamin Messier, Tonya Reaver Messier, Emily Greene Messier, Carmen Bourbeau and Guy Messier


Ronald and Emily are from Lascasas, Tennessee

Noël Messier from Québec, former division chief of fire in Quebec City and Richard Leonardo, a former firefighter for the City of Montréal, are proud to show their badges.

Standing, Richard Leonardo with Allan Zimmerman and Jeanne Messier from California

Brunch participants of the Annual General Meeting in St-Pie-de-Bagot

Brunch at Salle Joli-Site in St-Pie-de-Bagot

Salle Joli-Site in St-Pie-de-Bagot

Brunch participants of the Annual General Meeting in St-Pie-de-Bagot

Brunch at Salle Joli-Site in St-Pie-de-Bagot

The Board of Directors 2013-2014 :

Réal and Réjean Messier, Richard Leonardo, Camille and Carole Messier

Last update : September 5, 2014

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