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Annual General Meeting


To all members


L’Association des familles Messier inc. invites you to Homecoming and to the Annual General Meeting:


Date :  Sunday, August 16, 2015

Place : Mikes Restaurant, 80 Quevillon Street, Varennes, QC  J3B 1B6


Door open at 11 h (after the mass at the basilica and benediction of the memorial plaque in memory of our ancestors Michel Messier and Anne LeMoyne).

Brunch : at 11 h 30

Annual General Meeting: 13 h 15




     1.  Opening of the meeting;

     2.  Nomination of a president and a secretary of the meeting ;

     3.  Recognition of the legality of the meeting and reading;

     4.  Verification of the quorum and the right to be present;

     5. Reading and adoption of the agenda;

     6. Reading and approval of minures of the General Meeting of August 17, 2014;

     7.  Report of the Chairman of the Board of Directors;

     8.  Présentation of financial report 2014-2015;

     9.  Appointment of an auditor for the year 2015-2016;

     10. Ratification of the actions of the directors;    

     11. Apointment of a president and a secretary for the election;

     12. Elections : Réjean Messier (12), Réal Messier (85) and Carole Messier (357)

          are leaving office but reelected;

     13. Varia (open).

     14. Adjournment.


After the Annual General Meeting, the members elected to the Board of Directors will meet to elect their officers. Thereafter, they will be presented to the members present. To conclude this pleasant meeting, you can meet members who wish to exchange their family history.


Réjean Messier



Last update: July 31, 2015

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