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Annual General Meeting of the Association des Familles Messier


On August 16, 2015, we held our Annual General Meeting in Varennes. Originally scheduled for June 7, we need to change the date of our meeting because of uncontrollable circumstances.


Our secretary-treasurer, Réjean Messier, organized the day starting with a mass at 10 am at the Basilica  Sainte-Anne. After the mass, Father Longtin, parish priest, blessed the memorial plaque we had installed last autumn in memory of Michel Messier and his wife, Anne LeMoyne, buried under the church in 1725.


Subsequently, the 21 present members and their guests (10) moved to Varennes Mikes Restaurant for brunch / dinner. After the meal, the General Assembly took place, according to the agreed agenda, but quickly since we were expected around 15 hours in the home of Cap St-Michel for a visit. Everything took place under a beautiful sun and a very pleasant temperature. So, 31 people have responded to our invitation.


At the meeting, Richard Leonardo made a report on his second year as president. You can read his report on pages 3-7 of La Moisson des Messier (vol 25, no 2). The annual meeting has allowed us to proceed with the election of directors for the year 2015-2016. Three directors saw their term ended but remained always re-eligible: Réal, Carole and Réjean Messier. The General Assembly elected the following members for a term of 2 years: Carole (357), Réjean (12) and Jean-Claude Messier (4). They will join Richard Leonardo (283), David (347) and Jean-Marie Messier (22) whose terms will end next year.


After the election, the directors met to appoint the executive of the Association. After clicking on the button "The Association", click the button "Board 2015-16" and you will be able to see the responsibilities of each member of the board.


The members present have shown their satisfaction with what has been done in 2014-2015 by ratifying the actions of the directors.


Here are some pictures of this activity ...


The group proudly poses in front of the commemorative plaque in memory of

Michel Messier and Anne LeMoyne in the Basilica Sainte-Anne

At the brunch (from l. to r.) :

Jean-Claude Messier (4), Lucie Marcil,

Rolland (52), Micheline (381) and

Yvette Messier (100), Ernest Bernier,

Guy (370), Ginette, Sylvie and

Réjean Messier (12) as well as

Richard Leonardo (283)


At the brunch (from l. to r.) :

Carole (357), Anne-Marie (281),

Stella (261) and Stella Messier (222), Dalva Rodigues de Lima,

Donat (372) and David Messier (347) as well as Michèle Desrosiers  (105)


At the brunch (from l. to r.) :

Pierre Lauzon, Nicole Tougas Plouffe and

a former Secretary-Treasurer of the Association, Gisèle Plouffe Lauzon (59)


At the brunch (from l. to r.) :

Serge Gosselin, Francine Joubert (363),

Serge Guyon (338) and Louise Messier


At the brunch (from l. to r.) :

Kevin, Alain (290), Réal (85),

Alain (293) and Noël Messier (235)

The Board members are preparing for the meeting: Réjean Messier (12), Richard Leonardo (283),

David (347) and Carole Messier (357)


At the house of Cap St. Michel :

Stella (261), Anne-Marie (281) and Rolland Messier (52), Dalva Rodigues de Lima and Donat Messier (372)


Back of the house of the Cap St-Michel


Stairs of the house of the Cap St-Michel


Inside of the house of the Cap St-Michel :


l. : Detail of a window reveals the thick walls of the house.


r. : bedroom

The group proudly poses in front of the house of Cap St. Michel


Last update : September 28, 2015

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