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Visit of Boucherville

Thursday, July 9, 2015


Thursday July 9, we conducted a tour of Boucherville. Our guide, dressed in period clothing, was none other than Suzanne Carignan, president of the Historical Society (Société d'histoire des Îles-Percées de Boucherville).

We visited the Sainte-Famille church where our ancestors were baptized and confirmed, married, and were buried before 1692 since there was no church in Varennes.

We visited the Old Boucherville and the house Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine. During the visit, Ms. Carignan told us an interesting anecdote. When Pierre Boucher resigned as Governor of Trois-Rivières to develop Boucherville, he gave his position to René Gaultier, who had married his daughter. While he was in charge of developing Boucherville, Pierre Boucher also developed lands of the Seigneurie de Varennes belonging to his son-in-law and daughter.

We had dinner together. However, we have not attended the performance of the symphony orchestra.

A beautiful day in good company with the Messier family members.


Richard Leonardo (283)

The group in front of the Basilica Sainte-Anne:
In the front : Stella Messier (261), Estelle Messier Guay (223), the guide Suzanne Carignan,

Stella Messier Bellefroid (222), Louise Messier and Richard Leonardo (283).

In the back : Hector Messier  (183, died July 25, 2015) and Serge Guyon (338)


Last update : October 14, 2015

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