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The Cardine Acoulons family

The East part of our ancestor's land


Here, you have a map of LaHaye. Here are some explanations of the passage of three generations of LeMessier in this area.


Arrow #

  1. Indicates where is located the Pigpen, home to many LeMessier's.

  2. Val St-Pierre located in Croissy. It is often mentioned as the way where our ancestors lived.

  3. This is the main road, which passes through Vascoeuil N31 and the hamlet of Villers where David and his     father Jehan LeMessier lived.

  4. The path of Val St-Pierre. This is at this place, in front of the arrow, where our    ancestor Guillaume      LeMessier would have remained.

  5. Church LaHaye.

  6. Le Hameau du Thuit in LaHaye. It is here that the ancestor Jehan LeMessier would have remained in 1452    until his death in 1500.

  7. It is here that the ancestor Jehan LeMessier would have purchase of land in 1452.

  8. The Boulay, home of David LeMessier brother of Robinet. Jehan LeMessier owned land on the way of the       Boulay in 1497 possibly in LaHaye.

To give you an idea of ​​the distance between two points, there is about a kilometer between the arrows A and B.

Some notes on the family of Cardine Acoulons, wife of Jehan LeMessier:

From the seven generations of LeMessier's identified, we know two wives, Margaret Barc and Cardine Acoulons. Aubin Barc is the only known brother of Marguerite Barc. The family of Cardine Acoulons is better known. The name of the parents-in-law of Jehan LeMessier is mentioned in the fifth generation. This Guillaume Acoulons, who is he? Where does he come from?

Research has made ​​several agreements on Acoulons. The first act of 1495 relates Henri Acoulons. At the same time, There are also a Jehan and a Cardinot Acoulons. The name Cardinot, has he been given to better differentiate him from another Acoulons, named Cardin?

The identification of the place of residence of Acoulons is a valuable asset. The Acoulons are near the road going from Vascoeuil to Rouen. They are in six to eight communes, whose center is Servaville, where most of them remain. Servaville may be the birthplace of the father or grandfather of Guillaume.

In the early sixteenth century, the Acoulons are located in St-Denis-le-Thiboult. An act of 1516 states that Guillaume Acoulons remains in the hamlet of Villers. At that time, this man can not be the father of Cardine. He's too old. It is probably the grandfather of Cardine. He is the only Acoulons in St-Denis-le-Thiboult.

Cardine was born around 1545, probably in Villers. She is the third daughter of Guillaume and Madeleine Croissy. From 1542, we find the actions of a Guillaume Acoulons, cooper at this location. The conclusions are fairly obvious; he is the father of Cardine. At the same time, there are other Acoulons in St-Denis-le-Thiboult. In 1532, Pierre Acoulons remains to Remondière. Another Acoulons, Gilles, also lives in the Remondière in 1551. These last two are probably the brothers of Guillaume. Pierre and Gilles may have influenced or facilitated the choice of the residence of Jehan LeMessier and Cardine Acoulons.

The father of Cardine Acoulons died in early 1586, aged over 75 years. The distribution of assets was made on March 2, 1586. The next May 27, the heirs share the hovel of Guillaume and Madeleine Croissy. The act does not mention the size of the field not more than the house. The buildings include a shed, a barn, the house and also "two other buildings." To top it off, there are four cherry and pear trees on the ground. I mention this last detail because it is included in the distribution of the estate.

The place is divided in four lots. These are awarded based on the age of the girls of Guillaume Acoulons and Madeleine Croissy. Cardine is the third child of the couple. The first choice goes to Helie Thunel, son of the late Jehan Thunel and Étiennotte Acoulons. He chose the second batch which includes the kitchen and bedroom.

Jehan Barc, husband of Simone Acoulons, was the second choice. He chose the first batch which includes the barn with "two buildings." Our ancestor Jehan LeMessier husband of Cardine Acoulons has the third choice. This is the third batch from which it inherits. There are a bedroom, a part of the barn and a pear tree. The last batch goes to Nicolas Beaufraire, husband of Jehanne Acoulons. He inherits the second part of the barn and some of the ground like all the other heirs.

The division also has some particularities. On the first lot four cherry trees grow. Each heir becomes the owner of a tree on the lot. Back to the house, a band of ten feet is reserved for the passage of the four owners. The front of the house is common to all. It can be used for cattle.

Finally, the last item requires all four heirs to an annual pension of four pounds to Madeleine Croissy, widow of Guillaume Acoulons.

Become widow, Cardine Acoulons will not keep long that inherited from his parents. On February 11, 1597, she is at the notary. She sells to Antoine Rose the portion of house and the land inherited in 1586. Before, he had acquired the other portion of the house. The deed describes the house as follows, "an area of ​​the house in decay", a sign that she needed major repairs.

Text comes from the volume of Gilles Messier :  Les Messier et leurs ancêtres, 700 ans d'histoire.

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