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June 27, 2018


My name is Robert Messier, I live in San Antonio, Texas. I am working on my family history and I am looking for information regarding the Marguerite Vigeant (born  abt. 1822), she was the wife of Joseph Onésime Messier (1812-1870). I have found their marriage documents but the writing is not clear as who her parents were.  I was wondering if you had more information on this.


Best regards

Robert Messier

Hi Robert,


Gmail tells me that your email address is wrong. That's why I answer you directly on our website.


In our database, we have :

Father : François Vigeant

Mother : Jeanne Barry

Date of marriage : October 6, 1835 in Ste-Marie-de-Monnoir, Marieville, QC


We don't have her birthdate but we know that the couple had seven children :

Marguerite, July 11, 1836 - no date of death

Jeanne Charlotte, June 23, 1837 - September 13, 1913

Henriette, April 2, 1839 - no date of death

Joseph Onésime, March 23, 1840 - no date of death

Jean-Baptiste, March 18, 1842 - July 7, 1844

Charles, April 19, 1844 - no date of death

Antoine Simeon, May 25, 1846 - no date of death


We have no other descendants of this lineage. If you want to share your family information, it would be appreciated.


Have a good day.


Réjean Messier


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