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Colin LeMessier

First generation known:

With this information on hand, I think that Colin LeMessier was born around 1395. Around 1423, he married Simone. Places of his birth and his marriage are unknown. His name is mentioned in three notary contracts. A deed dated on February 12, 1468, mentions the sale for 30 sols a year, annuity inheritance, by Colin LeMessier, coustellier, residing in the parish of St Lawrence in Rouen. This sale was made at Toussaint Beaudoin, parish priest of Croisy (located between LaHaye and Vascoeuil), residing currently in Rouen, for the sum of fifteen pounds tournaments «livres tournois». The following note is added in the margin: annuity bought on December 10, 1469. A second is dated on May 6, 1468.  It concerns the purchase by Colin, of a house located in Rouen, Chaussée Street in Gantiers. Today, the area has changed its name to «Des Ganteries» in the parish of St Lawrence. Finally, the third agreement is dated on May 3, 1476. This is the liquidation of the assets of Colin LeMessier «Coustellier» between his widow Simone and Jehan, Philippot, Guillemin and Marion LeMessier, wife of Guillemin Richard; all children of Colin and Simone. Jehan being named the first, it is likely that he is the eldest of the couple. Besides the children named above, the act states that Colin has others children. We can believe that he died in 1475 in Rouen.

For his wedding, my reasoning is as follows. At twenty-eight, his eldest son Jehan bought land in 1452 in Morville A pattern that inspires them to buy could be a marriage that must contract in the coming months. I presume that his father was married in 1423 to having a son in 1424 with a wedding to 1423, Colin was born around 1395.

A sale dated on May 15, 1456 teaches me more about Colin LeMessier. Thiphaigne LeMessier, daughter of Thibault LeMessier and Martine, sells his cousins ​​Colin and Raoul LeMessier, brothers, all heritages located in Sainte-Colombe near Neubourrg souther of Rouen. The land had an area of ​​two acres.

While not completely lifts the veil on our primitive genealogy, this act introduces us to a brother and an uncle of our ancestor. The act also states Sainte-Colombe as the residence of his uncle. That same place, was it the residence of his father? With a birth date located around 1395 for Colin, his father can be born around 1367 or earlier. If we go down from the first known LeMessier a generation between William LeMessier mentioned above and the father of Colin is missing.

Text comes from the volume of Gilles Messier :  Les Messier et leurs ancêtres, 700 ans d'histoire.

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November 1st, 2014

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