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Goals and objectives of our Association:

Goals and objectives of the Association of Messier Families, during its creation in 1989, are enunciated in our general regulations as follows:


Put together in association every person, member or friend to the family Messier, or having a certain interest for this family;


Organize or hold some conferences, reunions, meatings, exhibitions for promotion, development and popularization of history, of genealogy or all others sujects concerning the Messier family;


Encourage every person, member or friend to the Messier family to transfer to the Messier funds, to the "Archives nationales du Québec à Montréal", any documents, photos, newspaper clippings, susceptible to promote the family story;


Print, edit, distribute any publications for below aims, establish a library of publication relating to the history of the Messier family;


Acquire by purchase, renting or in other way, hold and use movable and landed buildings needful for the above objects and provide to the members any services in touch with the purposes of the association.


For all those aims, solicit and receive familiarly or in public, some financial assistance from any governments, institutions, physic or moral persons.



Last update: July 14, 2014

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