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Jacques Messier, the uncle


Like David and his sisters Elisabeth and Martine, they are all born in Vascoeuil, France. To determine his date of birth, it is always with the evaluation of the information on hand that we must analyse. In 1666, he declares being 59 years old. The following year he declares being 61 years old. It is possible if the Census were made later in the year, one before his date of birth and the other after. If these information are correct, he would be born in 1607. It would be a logical date, considering his parents were married in 1603. His sister Ysabeau(Elisabeth), mother of Catherine Thierry, died September 6, 1668 at 60 years old. As for David, we estimate his birth at 1612. It is possible that an adjustment of their age might be nessessary but unlikely. At that time, precision was not what it is today.


In 1633 and 1634, we find Jacques in La-Haye-in-Lyon. However, nothing proves that this Jacques is David's brother. If this was the case, he would have made a short trip at LaHaye to talk to Michal Fossard about his voyages. In that period, David's brother would be approximately 27 years old.


Wishing to better his faith, Jacques, since his youth, listens to talk about the New World, and he decides to satisfy his curiosity by going to Dieppe. The explanations received to date are not satisfactory. Dieppe is a port to embarq on the Tall Ships fot those wanting to go to New France. On April 20, 1643, a complaint is made in Quebec by Legardeur de Repentigny against Guillaume Hubou. The  witnesses seem to let us understand that the event happened in Dieppe in 1642, and that Jacques was a witness.


Jacques is at the notary in St. Denis-le-Thiboult on March 25, 1643. It is for an aknowledgment of debt with his brother David, towards Guillaume Thiery. The nature of the document indicates that during the mariage of their sister Ysabeau(Elisabeth), the father of the bride made a promise of a donation to his futur son-in-law. Jehan Le Messier being unable to fufill his promise, it is Jacques and David that take charge to fufill their father's promise to their brother-in-law.


With a few other members of the Messier family, Jacques arrives in New France in 1649, probably with Michel. However, it is only on Febuary 5, 1651 that is presence is noted at this place. He is mentioned in Michel Gauvin's inventory of pocessions.


On January 22, 1654 Jacques seems to want to establish himself in Montreal. Mr De Maisonneuve gives him 400 pounds and a piece of land(undetermined). However he does not keep it very long. On July 2, 1656 it passes in the hands of Andre Hurtibise. The titles are not very clear. It seems that Jacques was co-owner with Antoine Primot. However, this land was already (or partly) owned by Antoine Primot in 1650. The transport Act mentions that the Hurtibise engages himself to cultivate the land on « La Provencale » property of Charles Le Moyne (the futur land of Michel) in as much land that he wishes to cultivate during his acquisition. In the begining, this land seems to have being the property of Antoine Primot, without a possession Act, before being sold by Jacques.


During the decade of 1650 to 1660 Jacques, Antoine Primot and Charles Le Moyne are often found cultivating this land. May it be on this land or that of Charles Le Moyne,s situated in Pointe St-Charles, the trio worked in complete collaboration. Jacques is present during  family events. On December 10, 1653, he is a witness at the notary Basset, at the promise of mariage of Charles LeMoyne to his niece Catherine (Thierry) Primot On December 10, 1656, he is Charles LeMoyne's Godfather, the futur Baron of Longueuil. He is present, on December 29, 1657 at the mariage contract of Jacques Le Ber and Jeanne LeMoyne, Charles' sister. On Febuary 18, 1658, he is always present at notary Basset for the mariage contract between Michel Messier and Anne LeMoyne, also Charles's sister.


On November 4, 1657, in front of notary Basset, Antoine Primot and Jacques Messier give a receipt to Charles LeMoyne and Michel Messier for their work done on « La Provencale » land.


In 1659, Jacques receive news from France. His father passed away and he must settle the sucession. On July 6, 1659 he borrows 200 livres from Charles LeMone. On October 22, the Tall Ship St. André leaves from Quebec city with Jacques for France. After a long journey of a few months in Vascoeuil, his brother David decides to entrust a second son Jacques to accompany his uncle on his return to Ville Marie. The departure is made towards the end of April, 1660. Jacques desembarks in Quebec city on June 12, 1660 with his nephew Jacques, Michel's brother. The two Jacques will live at Michel's house. During the 1666 Census, they declare living with Michel.


After his brief journey in France, Jacques has probably being thinking about his futur. In the Fall of 1668, for an unknown reason, he returns to France. On January 2, 1669, at St. Denis-le-Thiboult, he is the Godfather of Jacques Leblanc's son of his niece Marie Thierry.


On April 7, 1672 in Vascoeuil, Jacques is approximately 65 years old and decides to sell his heritage received from his father. It is Bernard Thorin, merchant from Rouen, that purchases the land and part of the house that Jacques pocessed. He signs the sale document with his brother David's signature. After this sale, we do not hear anything about him. His deceased date is unknown. We must beleive that he passed away in Vascoeuil or St-Denis -le-Thibault, most likely.

Text comes from the volume of Gilles Messier:  Les Messier et leurs ancêtres, 700 ans d'histoire.

Last update: July 19, 2014

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