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Michel Messier

His wife Anne LeMoyne

Dieppe, Normandy

St-Jacques Parish

On July 26, 1638

Baptism of Anne Lemoyne

On 26 Anne daughter of Pierre Lemoyne and

Judith Duchesne sponsors Anne Lefebvre and

George Lemoyne

Note: in this register, the year and month are shown at the beginning of each page.

Anne LeMoyne was born on July 26, 1638 and was baptized in the parish of St-Jacques-de-Dieppe. Although her arrival in Montreal is not certain, I think Anne arrived in 1657 with her sister Jeanne. At that time, in Montreal, a girl of marriageable age does not stay long bachelor. It seems that the two young women were promised by their brothers before landing at Quebec.

Charles Lemoyne seems to have planned for a long time the arrival and marriage of his sisters Anne and Jeanne. A correspondence is established between him and his parents about their future. The health of their father seems fragile. It is possible that it is a reason to Charles Lemoyne to bring his sisters. In 1656, their arrival is imminent. Charles is responsible for establishing the family of his wife Catherine Primot. He gives enjoyment to life his land at Pointe-St. Charles to Antoine Primot and his wife.

On January 5, 1656, he bought a land from Lambert Closse called "La Provençale". On July 2, Jacques Messier (the uncle) sold his land to go and live on "La Provençale", owned by Charles Lemoyne.

Charles Lemoyne prepares the place of his future brother-in-law. It is sold on November 4, 1657, to Michel Messier, a cousin of his wife. Sisters of Charles landed in Quebec in late July 1657.

On July 25, 1657, Charles Lemoyne arrived in Quebec. Without doubt he is informed of the arrival of a ship of Dieppe. He has good reason to be present at the arrival of the ship. Two sisters, Jeanne and Anne are present on the ship.

The Nantois arrived in Quebec on July 29 about ten o'clock. I'm not sure this boat arrives from Dieppe. One thing is certain: a ship captain Poullet leaves Dieppe after May 2. His arrival in Quebec is uncertain. It is known that the ship leaves for Dieppe on September 18. Charles is seeing Anne and Jeanne for the first time since he left Dieppe in 1641. At the departure of Charles for America, Anne was barely three years old. For Anne and her sister Jeanne, it is a comfort to see their elder brother replacing their father probably died shortly before their departure.

I do not know the date of departure of the boat for Ville-Marie in 1657. Given a period of fragile peace with the Iroquois, it is likely that Charles Lemoyne led his sisters in canoe for Ville-Marie with a few people. It was for the two girls an experience sailing with a small boat on a great distance.

Charles Lemoyne which provides the marriage of his sister Anne  with Michel Messier ensures the prosperity of the couple. Jacques, the uncle of Michel, lives with his nephew. His sisters and their families will be well established.

Jeanne is the first to marry. On January 7, 1658, she is before the altar with rich merchant Jacques Leber; she is financially comfortable. She will be the mother of the famous recluse of Ville-Marie, Jeanne Leber. Anne follows soon enough. On February 18, 1658, she goes to the notary who draws up his marriage contract. As we know, she married Michel Messier on the next 25. Anne's wedding, it is said that she is the daughter of the late Pierre Lemoyne. For the new is known to this date, it is possible that her father died before their departure.

Parish of Notre-Dame-de-Montréal

Marriage of Michel Messier and Anne Lemoyne

On  February 25, 1658


On February 25, 1658, has been done

and solemnized the marriage of Michel Messier son of

David Messier and Marguerite Bar from country of

Normandy, and Anne LeMoyne the daughter of the late Pierre

Le Moyne and Judith du Chesne, both now living in

this Parish. Previously three banns had been published

unopposed. The said wedding was done in

presence of Paul Chaumedey Esquire Sire of

Maisonneuve and Governor of the island of Montreal,

uncle of Jacques Messier, Jacques, Charles

and Jeanne LeMoyne brothers and sister,

of Jacques le Ber brother-in-law, the said Catherine

Primot his sister-in-law, of Jeanne Mance

director of the hospital of the said place, Sir Lambert

Closse Sergeant Major of the garnison and several

other friends of the relatives. The said Anne le Moyne and

the said Jacques Messier declared not knowing how to write

and sign.


Michel Messier J. Lemoyne (with initials)

Paul de Chomedey Jeanne LeMoyne. C Lemoyne

J. Mance J. LeBer (with initials)

Catherine Primot L. Chartier L.Closse

G. Souart priest (with initials)

acting pastor

Anne says she does not read or write. Her sister and brothers sign. In the Lemoyne family, Anne seems more subdued than her sister and stepsisters. Although present in the marriage contract of his sister, her name is not mentioned in her marriage any more than that of her brother Jacques, held on November 12, 1658. If the presence of Michel is reported more than fifty times in baptisms and marriages where children are not involved, the Anne Lemoyne, godmother, is less often than her sister Jeanne and her stepsisters Mathurine Godé and Catherine Primot.


A missing piece in the minute notary Adhemar could give us more information on her. When Michel was taken prisoner in 1692, the sons-in-law of Michel, on June 30, 1692, makes a statement on his behalf. This piece is gone for a long time.

Anne died on July 15, 1725 at the age of eighty-seven. She was buried the next day under the church of Varennes after the agreement had been made some years earlier between her husband and the pastor of Varennes in 1718.

Text comes from the volume of Gilles Messier: Les Messier et leurs ancêtres, 700 ans d'histoire.

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