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Our main publication is« La Moisson des Messier ». You will find on another page the list of issues published so far. They are also on a DVD.


Some of our members have made their family history or other documents of general interest in connection with Messier. Here is a list of such works. For more information, you can contact the authors.


Adrien Messier 

          Handwritten compilation, started in 1915, 369 pages (In French)

            Genealogy done by Adrien Messier given in 2012 by Reine Marie Le François, the   

        granddaughter of the compiler. (In French) 


Claude H. Magnant

          Messiers and Machias : Vermont, 1996-1998-2012.  Cartable.


Geneviève Lise Côté

          Les Messier semence normande, moisson québécoise. (In French)


Gérald Roland Messier

          A Chronicle of Pioneer Michel Le Messier.  566 pages (In English)


Gilles Messier

          Messier and their ancestors - 700 years of history (In French) 

          Family of Gilles Messier and Françoise Lafrenière (In French)


Jean-Jacques Messier

          Messier's through notarial deeds, vol.1: 1651-1705 (All in French)

          Anthroponymy et étymology of the surname Messier

          Acts of notaries in the 17th, 18th century and others

          Register of the parish of Varennes,1693-1819, and genealogy of Jean-Jacques

                       Messier, on a DVD

          Manuscrip documents, Indexes and a DVD on the Messier's: 1641-1700


Jean-Marie Messier

           Descendances de Michel et de Jacques Messier.  Cartable.

          Handwritten and printed notes from the reseach of Jean Marie and Paul Albert Messier

          delivered by Jean-Jacques Messier (In French)


Lise Messier

         Tell me about the Messier's (In French)

          The first Messier's of America (In French)


Marie-Paule Messier Grandchamp

          Love saved me (in French only)


          Phone number: 450-835-2678


Réjean Messier

          Ascendants et descendants Edeas Messier and Marie-Marguerite Granger (In French)


You have already published a document and it does not appear on this list, do not hesite to contact us. Thank you.

Last update: October 8, 2014

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