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The other LeMessiers said Blondelet

Other LeMessiers said Blondelet were mentioned during the search. They lived between 1560 to 1630. On September 18, 1571, a Guillaume LeMessier, farmer and innkeeper, remains in Vascoeuil. An act of May 1st, 1572 appointed Guillaume LeMessier said Blondelet native of LaHaye and residing at Vascoeuil. He is a cousin of the late Jehan LeMessier said Blondelet, roofer in Rouen. As cousin of Jehan de Rouen, he would be the father of our ancestor Jehan, husband of Cardine Acoulons.

On April 18, 1576, in LaHaye, it is the birth of Nicolas LeMessier, son of Guillaume LeMessier said Blondelet. This is another Guillaume LeMessier. This one remains in LaHaye and not in Vascoeuil. Who is he? He would be the brother of Jehan, husband of Cardine Acoulons. Certainly the last Guillaume is from the generation of Jehan, husband of Cardine Acoulons.

Always in the act of March 7, 1550, Nicolas LeMessier said Blondelet priest is a witness. He is the brother of Guillaume. This is the only time that Nicolas, the priest,  carries this nickname. It is found in many acts with his brother Guillaume. The pedigree of Blondelet becomes clearer.

on April 17, 1620, there is a Francois LeMessier said Blondelet in LaHaye. Who is he? He is probably from the generation of the father of David. Is he the brother of Jehan, husband of Cardine Acoulons or nephew? We don’t have any answer to this question.

Finally, on 26 July 1592, a Marin LeMessier is mentioned in Vascoeuil. On October 25, 1603, they are speaking about the late Marin LeMessier said Blondelet. The absence of church records leaves a gap in the genealogy of LeMessier. This Marin, is he also from the generation of Jehan, husband of Cardine Acoulons? Anyway, these LeMessiers said Blondelet are descendants of Robinet LeMessier, our ancestor.


To help you follow the text on the genealogy of our ancestors from France, see the table.


St-Denis-le-Thiboult and Vascoeuil

On the following map, here is St-Denis-leThiboult and Vascoeuil where four generations of LeMessiers have lived. To give you an idea of the distance, a sign on the side of the N31 shows "St-Denis-leThiboult, 1 km 1/2". For consulting the map, start by the bottom at right and follow the direction of clockwise.


Arrow #

  1. Circle to the tip of the arrow indicates the location of the church of Vascoeuil where David, Michel and Jacques Messier were baptized.

  2. Petit Villers named today by people of the village of Villers. This place is situated in Vascoeuil on the border of St-Denis-le-Thiboult. This is the N31 which is just before the place. Where Jehan LeMessier bought a house in 1603, and the place of birth of David and Jacques LeMessier and his sisters and the children of David, which Michel and Jacques. The death of their father, Jacques and David inherited the house. Part of Jacques was sold on April 7, 1672 to Bernard Thorin and the one of David, on May 3, 1674, to Peter Rannette, his son-in-law. The place is located about 15 km from Rouen.

  3. Villers, located in St-Denis-le-Thiboult is the birthplace of Cardine Acoulons. This is also where Jehan LeMessier, husband of Cardine Acoulons, worked until his death during a period of 25 years, around 1565 to 1590. From the N31, I think the place is on the left side where the land and the house seem to match the description given on May 27 1586. Please note that the house has certainly undergone some great changes.

  4. The Gap is a part of St-Denis-le-Thiboult. David says LeMessier remain there at the death of Marguerite Barc on March 25, 1676.

  5. Remondière is located in St-Denis-le-Thiboult. Jehan LeMessier and Cardine Acoulons remained there after their marriage around 1569, until the death of Jehan. Their son Jehan, father of David and grandfather of Michel and Jacques, was born there.

  6. Les Grandes-Ventes, another hamlet of St-Denis-le-Thiboult where lived Pierre LeMessier, brother of Jehan LeMessier, husband of Cardine Acoulons and Ysabeau LeMessier wife of Guillaume Thierry, Catherine's parents. Catherine was adopted by the couple Primot.

  7. The circle at the tip of the arrow indicates the location of the church of St-Denis-le-Thiboult. It was in this church that Jehan LeMessier and Cardine Acoulons married.

  8. Gonneville, located near the church, named at the time by the people of St-Denis-le-Thiboult, probably because the original residents of this place were from Gonneville on Scie. It was the home of Antoine Primot and Martine Messier and their adopted daughter Catherine, daughter of William and Thierry Ysabeau LeMessier. Today the name Gonneville was forgotten by the residents of St-Denis-le-Thiboult.


The West part of our ancestors' land


Text comes from the volume of Gilles Messier :  Les Messier et leurs ancêtres, 700 ans d'histoire.

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November 6, 2014

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