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Zacharie/Azarie Messier and Catherine Lamoureux Family

Zacharie/Azarie Messier dit St-François

Catherine Lamoureux

There are more than 2500 descendants from this couple. They are found mainly in Monteregie, Eastern Townships and Montreal. Some live in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, USA and in the Western Canadian Provinces.

Zacharie/Azarie Messier and Catherine Lamoureux Family  (around 1920)

Stand: Elmire Nault, Louis Bourgouin, François Xavier Blain, Dorilla Hébert, Azarie,

Joseph, Victoria/Angélina , Vertume and Théodule Messier.

Sit: Jean-Baptiste, Rose de Lima and Alphonsine Messier, Georgina Giguère, Azarie/Zacharie Messier

and Marie Sophie Bonin.

Catherine Lamoureux is absent being died on January 2, 1900 at the age of 61.

Zacharie, known as  Azarie, is the 11th of 13 children from a family farmer. He is the son of Pierre and Marie-Angélique Chapdelaine/Larivière. He born on May 20, 1843, in St. Jude. He married Catherine Lamoureux, daughter of  Emmanuel and Marie Deguire on August 10, 1863. Catherine born on December 15, 1838 in St. Ours.  From 1864 to 1883  they have  12 children in St. Aime and St. Louis in the County of Richelieu. St. Louis having been erected  in 1876, this family has alway lived on the same farm on the Rank Bord de l'eau, on the Yamaska River. This new parish was founded  following the breakup of St. Victoire de Sorel, St. Marcel de Richelieu, St. Aime and St. Hugues.


Azarie born on May 17, 1864. He married in St. Aime, on August 4, 1885, Marie-Anne/Anna Trahan, daughter of  Narcisse and Hermine Dumaine. On a farm, they have 15 children which three religious of the Presentation of Marie. His wife died at the age of 45 on April 23, 1912. After that, he maried Dorilla Hebert on May 11, 1914 in Precieux Sang in Nicolet Diocese. Azarie died on September 1, 1938, in  St. Louis and Dorilla, on March 11, 1945, in St. Celestin at the age of 72.


Théodule born on July 16, 1866. Il married 3 times. 1- On January 17,  1888, in St. Jude, Victorine Lafrenaye,  Daughter of Athanase and Sophie Josephte Ménard: three children. 2- On June 10, 1895, in St-Jude, Mathilde Lafrenaye, Victorine'sister.  Mathilde died after having her only one child. 3- On February 21, 1898, in St. Hugues, Marie-Sophie Bonin: 9 children. Theodule died on July 4, 1920, in St. Hugues and Marie Sophie, at the age of 82, on January 20, 1960, in St. Hyacinthe.


A boy born and died on July 16, 1866 in St. Aime.  


Rosilda/Exilda born on February 13, 1868, married on April 28, 1885 in St. Louis, Félix Lavallée son of Felix and Celina Plouffe. She died nine days after having birth to her fifth child on February 23, 1894 in St. Aime. Félix died on January 25, 1941 at the age of 79 after being married with Philomene Dupuis on Mars 27, 1895 in St. Jude.


Joseph born on September 18, 1869. He married Georgina Giguere, daughter of Francois and Mathilde Salvas, on November 18, 1890 in St-Marcel de Richelieu. In St. Louis, 16 children are born which Armand, Marist Brother. Joseph died on July 19, 1946 and Georgina on December 28, 1964, at the age of 91. Both are buried in St. Louis.


Catherine born on Mars 16, 1871. She married Antoine Loiselle, son of Antoine and Sophie Cormier, on January 31, 1893 in St. Louis. She died on May 3, 1896 in Fall River, MA after having an only boy. A few months interval, she was buried in St. Louis with his son Ernest.


Vertume born on September 1, 1872. He married Victoria/Angelina Messier, daughter of Timothee and Hermine Choquette on February 1895 in St. Eugene de Grantham. Angelina born on August 27, 1876 in Farnham. They have 14 children in St Marcel de Richelieu and Bromptonville including Father Philippe. Vertume died in Bromptonville on February 12, 1948 and Angelina in Sherbrooke on October 23, 1950. They are one of a few couples where one is descendant of Michel and the other one of Jacques. Those two brothers from Normandie were the first ancestors in Quebec.


Marie-Louise born on July 7, 1874 and died on October 2, 1878.


Alphonsine born on April 4, 1876. She married on January 8, 1907 in St Louis, Francois Xavier Blain son of Napoleon and Elise Lavallee. He was widower of Clara Nadeau and father of five children. With Alphonsine, seven children born in St Marcel de Richelieu and Bromptonville. Francois Xavier Blain died at the age of 48, on January 11, 1924 in Bromptonville and Alphonsine on July 17, 1948 in St Hyacinthe.


Rose-de-Lima born on Mars 23, 1878. She married Louis Felix Bourgouin son of Louis and Marguerite Grandmont on August 15, 1911 in St- Louis. Five children born in Nicolet. She died on February 11, 1922 in Nicolet. She died on February 11, 1922 in Nicolet. Louis Felix died on Mars 27, 1939 in Nicolet at the age of 72.


François born on Mars 2, 1880 died on April 30, 1904. 


Jean-Baptiste born September 17, 1883. He married Aurore Therrien, daughter of Joseph Aime and Elisabeth Brouillard on September 18, 1906 in St Aime. At the age of 25, she died on November 18, 1908 at the birth of a child with whom she was buried in St. Louis. After that, he maried Edmire/Elmire Nault daughter of Aime et Adele Desrosiers on January 9, 1911 in St Francois Xavier de Brompton. They have seven children including Father Emilien, Jesuit and Sister Berthe Aline Our Lady of Smile. Elmire died on November 18, 1951 at the age of 69 and Jean-Baptiste on January 21, 1953 in St Louis.


In the late 19th century and early 20th century, the means of communications were walking, horses or train. From time to time, on a distance of over ten kilometers Zacharie/Azarie went to mass in Yamaska on foot and sometimes walk barefoot to save his boots. After the marriage of his youngest child, he told Jean-Baptiste: « I am going to visit my daughter Exilda in St. Hugues and give her a hand. » or « I go to Fall River, MA, to visit Catherine and any members of the Lamoureux family around Punam, CT. » With his horse or by train he went to destination. He could be away from home for a week to a month. He knew that father's farm was in good hands. He took the opportunity to go around relationship. He was well received everywhere he went.


Blind for about 3 years, Catherine Lamoureux died on January 2, 1900 at the age of 61. Zacharie/Azarie Messier died (diabete and gangrene) on December 19, 1933 at the age of 90 at his son's house Joseph in St. Louis.


Réal Messier (85), great great grandson

Zacharie/Azarie and Catherine Lamoureux's farm (around 1907 on Bord de l’Eau of St. Louis)

Stand on the steps: Zacharie/Azarie Messier

In front: Joseph and his son Arsène, Georgina Giguere, Azarie and his daughter Alida,

Marie Anne/Anna Trahan, Rose de Lima Messier, Aurore Therrien and Jean Baptiste Messier







St. Denis le Thiboult

Normandie, France


02 Jehan Le Messier

Cardine Acoulons

Perrier on Andelle ?

Normandie, France

around 1603

01 Jehan Le Messier


St. Denis le Thiboult ?

Normandie, France

around 1639

00 David Le Messier

Marguerite Barc


February 25, 1658

01 Michel Messier

     Sieur of St. Michel

     (around 1640-1725)

Anne LeMoyne

Pierre & Judith Duchesne



February 10, 1706

02 François Michel Messier

     Seigneur of Cap St. Michel


Marie Anne Amyot dit Villeneuve

Jean-Baptiste & Geneviève Guyon



November 19, 1731

03 Jean Baptiste Messier


Marie Anne Mongeau

Jean Baptiste & Élisabeth Bonnedeau

Marie Anne Louise Petit

Louis & Marie Anne Meunier


Fébruary 2, 1761

04 François Messier dit St-François


Marie Josephte Brisset

Joseph & Véronique Collet



February 4, 1788

05 François Messier dit St-François


Marie Angélique Chapdelaine

Jean Baptiste & Marie Angélique Girouard

St. Ours

February 4, 1822

06 Pierre Messier dit St-François


Catherine Lamoureux

Emmanuel & Marie Deguire

St. Jude

August 10, 1863

07 Zacharie/Azarie Messier

           dit St-François


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