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Jehan LeMessier II

Fifth generation known:

Jehan was born around 1539, probably at LaHaye. Jehan is the son of Guillaume and Jeanne. The name of his mother is unknown. Many reasons make us believe that his childhood was spent in LaHaye. With the information I have, I see the following scenario. 1560, probably at the request of his father, Jehan is placed with Guillaume Acoulons at the hamlet of Villers in St-Denis-le-Thiboult to learn the trade of cooper. During his apprenticeship, while staying with his master, he made ​​the acquaintance of one of his daughters, Cardine. Aged about 28 years, Jehan married Cardine Acoulons in St-Denis-le-Thiboult around 1567. Today, we find many elements at the church where Jehan got married. After his marriage, Jehan will remain in the hamlet of Remondière located about a kilometer from the house of his stepfather, also his workplace.

On April 9, 1571, a detailed contract gives us information about him. Jehan inherited from his cousin Jehan LeMessier said Blondelet who lives in Rouen. This Jehan is the son of Jehan LeMessier, brother of Robinet. Land, inherited with his brother Pierre, is sold. Jehan and Pierre are the only heirs. The act does not mention who are the others. It tells us he is "journeyman", which means he has a job. A man without a job is called 'man of the day. "

Here, I want to give further details about Jehan LeMessier from Rouen. On March 7, 1550, a land in Morville, is sold by Jehan LeMessier said Blondelet, roofer of Rouen. The buyer is Noël Leleu, husband of Guillemine LeMessier, sister of the seller. If this Jehan is a roofer in 1550, he is an adult in oppposition of the husband of Cardine Acoulons that inherits from him in 1571. A generation seems to separate the two Jehan. In 1571 when the husband of Cardine Acoulons sells land, it is mentioned that he was his cousin. Today, we would say they are cousins, born of first cousins. Jehan's father, Guillaume, seems to be the cousin of Jehan LeMessier, roofer from Rouen.

On November 30, 1555, in another act, the names of the parents of the cousin from Rouen is mentioned. He is son of the late Jehan and Marion Nyays from LaHaye

With his brother, they were the only LeMessier of St-Denis-le-Thiboult. The task was much easier to restore the family of our ancestor. Most LeMessier lived in LaHaye. On November 30, 1585, Perrette Godard rents a cow to Jehan. The act states that it remains in the hamlet of Remondière. Several acts on him, always mentioned that he remains there.

On 2 March 1586, following the death of his stepfather, Guillaume Acoulons, all goods are sold. As Jehan was cooper and worked at his stepfather, he bought all the tools of the estate, in order to continue his work.

The exact date of his death is unknown. Jehan died after August 19, 1586, the date of the marriage contract of Jehan Rufin and Jehanne Thunel, where he witnessed. On August 9, 1592, Cardine Acoulons is before the notary. She rents to Helie Thunel her field inherited. The act states that she is "widow of Jehan LeMessier."

In 1997, I took a trip to the ancestral land with another couple of Messier. We stayed four days in the hamlet of Villers in a cottage of France, perhaps about where was erected the house of our ancestor.

Only the grandfather of Michel and Jacques is known as a child of the couple Jehan LeMessier and Cardine Acoulons.


Text comes from the volume of Gilles Messier :  Les Messier et leurs ancêtres, 700 ans d'histoire.

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November 1st, 2014

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