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Association Coat of Arms



If your name is Messier or associated with this family name, you are at the right place to learn more about the Messiers.

Fondation date

on February 21, 1989


Jean Marie Messier (1), Laval

Pierre Messier (2), Montréal

Gilles Messier (3), Laval

Jean Claude Messier (4), Laval

Jean Jacques Messier (5), Laval

Luc Messier (6), Montréal

Suzanne Messier (7), Montréal

Gérald Messier (8), Montréal

To communicate with us:

The co-ordinates (residence address, email address and telephone number) of each member of the board will be found at «Board of Directors».

Email address of our Publications

La Moisson des Messier:



Last update: January 24, 2017

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