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A word from our President

Good day and welcome to the

                                     Messier Family Association’s Website.


During our foundation year 25th anniversary, we have decided to build our website and make it available quickly to all Messier. This one’s has been done in June 2014 by Réal (85) and Réjean Messier (12).


Subsequently, in September, David has posted our Facebook page. You can access it through the “Welcome” page of our website.


It is now possible for you to share with members, family photos or group by identifying individuals and coming with a short text. All this could be published in La Moisson, on our website or on Facebook, as appropriate, by adding your family lineage.


Your Association continues to be very active. We have planned several activities and we intend to continue in the same direction for the opportunity to meet and strengthen our family ties, which will allow us to better know each other.


It would be a pleasure to meet you all.


Richard Leonardo



Last update: March 30, 2016

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