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Robinet LeMessier

Third generation known:

Robinet is the son of Jehan LeMessier. The name of his mother is unknown. Is the name of Robinet, the short name for Robin? It's possible. All acts which identify him and mention as Robinet. For determin his birth, we need to do the same deductions. His parents who married in 1452, Robinet born probably in 1453, in LaHaye. In the strife of his son Guillaume, the act states that Robinet is the eldest of the family.

I have no information about this ancestor. Only a few acts mention it to help me to follow him. Always with the same theory about weddings, he got married to 1481. In 1497, Robinet inherits, like his brothers, lands of his father. With no contract, we must believe that he died in LaHaye between the time he received his inheritance and in 1519, the year that his son Guillaume challenges a decision of his uncle David on the sale of lands with Jehan belonged to Jehan LeMessier. Three children of Robinet are known: Guillaume, Noël and Nicolas.

St-Denis-le-Thiboult, view panoramique

St-Denis-le-Thiboult, the hamlet of Villers, birthplace of

Cardine Acoulons, grandmother of David LeMessier

Text comes from the volume of Gilles Messier :  Les Messier et leurs ancêtres, 700 ans d'histoire.

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November 1st, 2014

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